Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Background Information

The scientific method has been all but abandoned when it comes to nutrition science in our culture today.  We hear statements repeated often like “eat whole grains” or “stay away from saturated fats” but where is the hard science to back up these claims? The research is fuzzy at best, and most of the outfits publishing nutritional advice are government entities backed by funding from big business. It’s no different in the schools, even at the upper levels in the major universities. But there is truth! There is nutrition science; it does exist.
A growing number of scientists, medical professionals, biochemists, physiologists, and other educated people are discovering new information about nutrition, and it differs greatly from what we have been taught. Finally, a general theory is emerging that fits all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Fat is not to blame, it’s all these damn carbohydrates killing us and making us fat, plain and simple.
Animal foods are health foods, and we need the fat as well as the protein. Bacon, butter, lard, cheese, cream, full-fat plain unsweetened yogurt, dark meat chicken with the skin, fish, organ meats, high-fat grass fed beef, eggs, - and a couple plants if you really want them but they are not necessary. The Inuit (Eskimos) eat exclusively animal products for 10 months out of the year, and have the best health we’ve ever studied. No heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, none of it. We are carnivores, we have been roaming for 2 million years on this planet, eating primarily animals. We really have no plant food needs, save for the occasional leaf or berry.
Sugar is the culprit, always has been, in all its many forms. This includes cane sugar, corn syrup, grains, root vegetables, and fruit. Fruit is not the enemy, but it’s not health food either.  Your body doesn’t know the difference between the sugar in fruit and the sugar in a cookie or a coke. It’s all the same, although there is a lot more of it in the cookie and the coke. It would take you a lifetime of fruit eating to get the equivalent of a couple years of the standard American diet (SAD). Diabetes rates in children are equal whether they are drinking coke or fruit juice, they are both sugar. The function of fruit in the wild was to provide sugar at the end of summer to promote a little weight gain before the cold season.
And notice I said that includes grains. Bread. Give us this day our daily. It’s killing us. Whole grain, refined, whatever, it’s all glucose polymers. Pure glucose, and if its whole grain it’s actually worse for you. The bran part of the grain has anti-nutrients that actually strip vitamins and minerals out of your body, rip literal holes in your intestinal walls (leading to IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, celiac, and possibly autism), and raise your blood glucose twice as much as refined sugarcane does, contributing to diabetes. A child born today has a 50% chance of getting diabetes in their lifetime. It’s not the animal fats doing it. It’s the soda, and the governmental Food Pyramid telling us to eat 11 servings of grains a day. Soda is the cigarette of the future, the sweet poison that has made a full two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese.
A slice of bread has about 25 grams of carbohydrates, about the same as a candy bar. Every time you eat a slice of bread, it is a candy bar to your body. But guess who doesn’t want you to know that, the Grain Industry, and they have enough money and power to keep this information from you. And the little nutrition puppets all over the world just keep repeating “Whole grains, whole grains,” like their batteries are dying. Just because a whole grain has less of an impact on your blood glucose than a refined grain doesn’t mean that grains are good for you! They aren’t. Grains are not human food.
We only started eating grains with the beginning of agriculture 15,000 years ago, at most, and that was rice. Wheat is one of the worst and it’s only been a part of our diet for about 2,000 years. As old as the Bible. It’s the food of another species – granivores. We are not granivores, we don’t have a gizzard, the organ that grinds grains into flour inside the animal’s body – with small sticks and rocks as well, to help grind up the hard little seeds. This is why we must make flour or engage in some kind of alteration of the grain to make it edible. It’s not human food. You would never come across a wheat berry in the wild and consume it. It’s the seed of a grass plant, remember the seeds when the grass gets too long? Not so appetizing…until the invention of sliced bread.
So, what it comes down to is this: We are overpopulating the hell out of this world and it’s caused by grain surpluses. Namely wheat and corn. The farmers in the grain belt in the U.S. are given government subsidies when the price of their crops falls too low for them to make a living. So the only way for a grain farmer to make more money in an economic downturn is to grow more grain. And the government keeps giving them taxpayer money to grow more and more grain, until there is a surplus all across the country- everywhere there are silos full of grain. Now they need to get rid of it. In comes you. And the livestock, too – cows don’t eat grains anymore than you do. They eat grass; they are ruminants, not granivores.
Check out your mental picture of a grocery store. See the produce on one side, and meat and dairy on the other? The natural foods are all around the perimeter, with all the sugar, wheat, and corn in the middle. All the crazy packaging, paper- and plastic-wrapped grain surpluses presented in a million different ways, while the government takes their corporate money and tells us to eat a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. In spite of ample evidence throughout nutrition science’s history this is not improving disease rates, rather they are climbing at an astronomical rate. This is ridiculous! We have been to the moon! And we’re all dying of a few related diseases? Why? Why is science so incompetent in this one area?
It’s a good old-fashioned conspiracy, coupled with a convenient- and coincidently-timed cultural trend toward vegetarianism, and the environmental movement to end starvation. Unfortunately, the problem with feeding the surplus of carbohydrates to the world’s hungry is that it only keeps them alive long enough to reproduce and then they die of these horrible metabolic diseases. Anytime you have a surplus somewhere, you will just be creating overpopulation somewhere else. We took this high-carb, low-fat diet to the world in the last century, spreading the disease of sugar and grains all over the world (as well as spreading the “cure” to carbohydrates, western medicine and pharmaceuticals). The third world countries are living on carbohydrates now, as well as the lower classes, people on reservations, most American children, and probably you. It’s only getting worse.
But we can stop it! And there is some really good news! Bacon! I’m not kidding. I recommend bacon every day. If you don’t have 5 slices for breakfast, make some for dinner. Bacon is health food. Let that sink in for a second. And butter, eggs, and cream – not half and half. Pure cream. And chicken skin – screw the skinless, boneless, white breast meat. Your Paleolithic grandfather would have tossed that shit to the dogs. They wanted the organs, skin, brain, and dark meat. That is where the blood is, that’s what makes it dark. The white meat is the glycogen storage muscles of the animal – where it stores its SUGAR.
And put the fat back in your dairy, please, for the love of Pete!  Low-fat diary products are just sugar water! Lactose is the milk sugar, and then they dump a ton of real sugar on top of it, too. My mom’s low-fat yogurt cup in her refrigerator has as much sugar in it as a candy bar. All these candy bars, all day long. No wonder people’s bodies are just giving up, shutting down, manifesting so many different symptoms, all stemming from one cause: excessive carbohydrate consumption!


  1. Wow..... never really thought about whole grains being bad for us.

  2. Yeah, not a lot of people have. We have been brainwashed by the government and the food industry into thinking that whole grains are health food, but the only studies being done are comparing whole and refined grains, instead of asking whether we are supposed to be eating grains at all. We're not. A huge host of health problems is caused by grain eating, as well as sugar and processed foods. Its all about the meat, eggs, and full-fat dairy, baby!

  3. People had short lifespans in the Paleolithic period. If they lived to age 15, they could expect to die by age 54. Most people have heart attacks at age 65 or older.

  4. I don't understand how eating farm animals and dairy that comes from farm animals relates to a Paleolithic lifestyle. Wild animals get a lot more exercise and eat differently. Venison is very lean.

    Eskimos eat a lot of fish which are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, not saturated fat. They use some of the blubber from the larger animals they catch less frequently as oil for their lamps.

    It is important that Eskimos eat fat to avoid protein poisoning. They have adapted to their diet through evolution and have larger livers.

    If you Google anti-nutrients, you'll find the names of them. Tannins in green tea are anti-nutrients but they also have cancer fighting properties.

    "Nevertheless, the large fraction of modern diets that come from a few crops, particularly cereals, has raised concerns about the effects of the antinutrients in these crops on human health.[7] The possibility now exists to eliminate antinutrients entirely using genetic engineering; but, since these compounds may also have beneficial effects (such polyphenols reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease or diabetes), such genetic modifications could make the foods more nutritious but not improve people's health.[8]"

    Too much protein is bad for your bones because they increase calcium excretion.

    I think it would be better to simply reduce the highly processed foods in the American diet. If a person eliminates white flour and added sugar and exercises both aerobically and through strength training, the majority won't be over-weight and that will reduce a persons odds of getting an obesity related diseases.